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What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become one of the leading, if not the biggest, factors in promoting a company on the Web. Because it is so important, we at San Antonio SEO want to make sure you really understand what it can do for your company. Our parent company is Texas SEO.

Big search engines, such as Google and Bing, collect information from every page on the Web and have that stored for the moment when someone searches for a specific word or phrase. Each Web site and page have secret algorithms that tell Google or Bing that they have these phrases people are searching for.

So how does your Web site get higher up on that search list? Well, that’s where search engine optimization comes in. You need the perfect mix of requirements to fit search engine’s needs. Most of the ingredients for a successful SEO are well known: words on the actual page, the official title in the coding, other Web sites linking back to your page, the words that are used for those links and a good reputation.

Your most important job as a Web page owner is to provide great, consistent content so that you can have a good reputation and to get picked up my other Web sites to link back to you. You can leave the rest of ingredients to San Antonio SEO. We’ve been working with search engine optimization since the beginning and understand how it has changed and what is needed to get your Web site higher traffic. We know how to find those important words that should go on your page and how to work with coding. San Antonio SEO is well versed in the algorithm that is needed to make SEO work for your company.

Where did SEO come from?

In the beginning, man made the Internet. Then, almost immediately, came search engine optimization in the mid-90s. The very first search engine, created by Brian Pinkerton, was aptly named Webcrawler and it generated a list of the top 25 Web sites.

At the time, it was far easier than it is today (of course, there was 1/10 billionth of the data). All Webmasters needed to submit in the early days was their URL and search engines would use what is called a “Web spider” to scan over every site to get the link and store it in the search engine’s own server. This was well before the cloud days. And even with this spider, most of the search engines, including Yahoo!, still used human-based searches instead of the crawler-based searches.

Then in 1998, the Queen of all searches stepped up the game: Google! (it had the exclamation point and everything). It started using PageRank to rank pages and sites more accurately, where it looked for those special links to see where it should rank. This is when SEO and linking started to work together and become really important.

Soon, there were conferences just for search engines. Here they discussed everything from meta tags to designing SEO friendly sites, or the beginning of that very important algorithm. After this, search engine optimization changed rapidly. Google launched AdWords (which is still a thing!) to help improve clicks. It’s basically paid SEO. Google also added a PageRank toolbar to help people like San Antonio SEO improve on the optimization. Books were released on SEO. Search engines started fighting like children. Spam began to get out of control. Google saved the day and released an anti-spam tag, supported by both MSN and Yahoo!

Now, many of the SEO inventions created in the early-00s have had a huge impact on how we handle search engine optimization today. Google Analytics help companies track and analyze individual campaigns. Search engines support XML coding, which would lead to an easier (but less efficient) HTML.

We now have real-time results, 10 billion other pages to compete with and many search engine options that are changing the SEO algorithm on a daily basis.

Why do YOU need SEO?

Your company needs SEO just as much as it needs a phone number. Search engine optimization has become a requirement the more the Internet and everything connected with it has progressed.

When you raise your search rankings from the 20th spot to one of the top three, you’re going to see an incredible return on your investment. You need to start thinking of search engine optimization as part of your marketing team. Google may not be a social medium (excluding Google+), but the search engine can work to your advantage, if you let it.

Once you’re in on that first page in the top three spots, your business will have credibility. Most people are going to click the first or second listing on the page and because your Web site is that far up on the Google or Bing search, they are going to trust that you’re a reliable site and continually go back to you for their needs. This, of course, brings long-term success. Sure, once San Antonio SEO helps you incorporate search engine optimization into your business plan, you’re going to see immediate results. But even years down the road, you’re going to see lasting results that will keep your business going for an extended period of time.

Most importantly, SEO will bring people to your Web site. That’s why you got a Web site in the first place, right? So people will look at it and go to your business. And the best part about SEO is that you can measure the growth and success. With wonderful programs, such as Google Analytics and AdSense, a person or company with knowledge in SEO can measure what is working or not working for your company.

How to choose the right SEO company to work with

Search engine optimization plays an important role in your company’s growth, which means you want to make sure you have a company that is reliable and has great experience. You want a company that has seen the change SEO has gone through and can foresee where it will go in the future.

You also want to work with a company who knows that Google and Bing aren’t just looking for code anymore; they are looking for great content. This is why you need a company like San Antonio SEO that has great key word research. In addition, we use those key words to help build your Web site great content. If you remember, one of the most important aspects in the SEO algorithm is words on the actual page. We incorporate the best words that will help build you up to the top three positions on the search engine into interesting content with development, copyediting and blog posts.

You need a company who will not only work with your wants and needs but will also incorporate their knowledge and experience to create the perfect unity. You wouldn’t print out your business cards yourself so why would you do your own SEO? You need to seek out the best SEO consultant and, even better, have an entire team working for you.

What you don’t want from a company is one who guarantees rankings and has promised a specific increase in viewership. These are the kinds of companies who make false promises (that really no one could keep) and offer sketchy solutions that will eventually hurt your SEO in the end.

You want someone who will work on your company in a myriad of different way. They will not only help with the rating of your Web site on search engines, but will also help integrate your company into social media and, again, work on copywriting and blogs. They will offer analytics and show you results. And if the results aren’t as promising as originally stated, they will find different avenues to increase your ratings.

This is why you should choose San Antonio SEO. We strive to give you the best. You can trust us to give you great results for long term and will help you go viral. Contact us today to find out how we can help grow your company.